PAMU Earbuds X13

True Wireless - Waterproof - Never Fall Out



The ABS Environmental Material

The ABS environment material of test standard of reach, achieves high seal and waterproof and anti-corrosion.



Unique Way of Opening

Press the button of the cradle once, the lid bounces off slightly. Rotary the lid gently.



Product Highlight

Product Highlight Intuitive Touch Control with Microphone – play music and take calls, leaving your smartphone in your pocket.

Waterproof - designed to keep rain and moisture out to keep you focused on your activities.

【 PAMU 觸控式無線耳機 | 運動專用 】

創造PAMU的padmate團隊其實已從事音頻行業超過17年!為Intel,monster,HUAWEI 同小米等品牌進行開發和製造。擁有豐富經驗的Padmate團隊近年嘔心瀝血創造的pamu耳機,除左功能性滿分外加上價錢實惠,難怪一出已係眾籌網上集資超出9000%! 實在超級搶手!